We aren\’t triathletes you know…

Why Donate?

First off, the fact that the women you love (Lindsey, Linsey, Christel, and Stef) are buying, fixing and riding bikes down the coast of your country should be enough. Seattle to San Diego… do you know how many miles that is?!

In case love isn't enough, I'll tell you why you should help a sista out…

We aren't doing this trip just to get bulging muscles, instead, we sacrificing our bodies and using human power to bike (and hopefully raise some cash moola) for the women and children of our community. If you want us to sacrifice our bodies in other ways, we can hook it on the corner of each campsite we visit… maybe make an extra buck or four… it's really up to you.

We want you to donate to help us stay motivated, ensure a healthy atmosphere for the members of our community, and shed some light on an organization that needs our help! Of course we want you to check in on our website regularly to make sure we haven't shaved our armpits, but more importantly, donating anything will really put satisfaction in not only our hearts, but hope in the hearts of the women and children around us.

Let's talk a little about the Women's Resource Center in Oceanside, CA

Founded in 1974 by local citizens concerned about the lack of services for women and their children, the Center is a leader in establishing programs for both victims and perpetrators. Additionally, the center has pioneered the development of abuse prevention education materials.

A crisis hotline has been maintained and staffed by trained volunteers and counselors since the Center's inception. This 24 – hour line provides around the clock services to those in life – threatening situations. They also act as advocates for survivors of sexual assault.

They offer: Individual Counseling; Groups for women in abusive relationships; Parenting classes; groups for Adults Molested as Children; Sexual Assault support groups; groups for Stalking Victims; groups for Children who have witnessed family violence; and a Family Violence Intervention Program for the batterers.

(taken from LilithFair.com)

We feel this organization needs our help. Stef and Lindsey have volunteered at this shelter on Christmas, Halloween and other holidays. These families have nothing. The women can't indulge in a hot shower, the children don't have their own rooms or living space. We provided food, presents, and Santa on Christmas and games and face-painting on Halloween. Some of the kids couldn't dress up because they couldn't buy a costume.
All of these pleasures we take for granted are lost. These kids don't know what its like to drive in an SUV to baseball practice. There are no after school dance lessons or karate classes. They come home to an apartment like building in Oceanside and play in a general living space with handfuls of other kids going through the same pain. Pain of seeing their mom hurt by their father or another man. No woman can focus on being the mother she wants to be while going through such trauma.

By supporting this organization, we do not intend to portray men in a negative way. The men in our lives have all been extremely supportive and loving. All of our parents are still married and living in Encinitas with our pets: Puss Puss, Rosie and Buffy, Penny, Kona and Candy. They have given us their trust and compassion all 21 years of our lives. We hope that those who have had such postive males in their own lives view it as a pleasure, and in return give something to those who can't enjoy such a precious gift.

Thank you so much for your support!


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