We aren\’t triathletes you know…



Thanks Lon and Melinda for your support!  Hope you both are doing well in San Diego! 

Uncle Danny and Debbie! Thank you so much for your support. You guys have always been there for Eric and I and on behalf of both of us, it is much appreciated. Will you guys come spice up our welcome home party in Encinitas? This is your formal invitation.

Thank you to Deborah and Aimee for being our first two donators, we needed that support right away and really appreciated it! (We need little pictures of you!)

Oakley has given us each a pair of glasses, a communal watch, and a few tee-shirts. Damn we are gonna look good on those bikes! And if we have to push them up some insane hills, at least we won’t be squinting in the sun! Muchas gracias!

Our friend Kenny from Clif Bar let us grab tons of bars, energry drinks, shots, and shirts! Their new Mojo bar is tasty! We appreciate the support! Girls gotta eat! We are psyched if he can meet up with us for part of the trip! He is leaving to do the Race Across America on Sunday the 11th! Awesome guy! We loved meeting him! Good luck to you if you’re reading this!

Thank you to Dustin Schnabel from FitnessQuest for donating two Bosu balls ($100 each) to the WRC! I was thrilled to read your letter and find huge packages on my doorstep. The women will love them!! Thanks so much!


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Hey there, you amazing women! Love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. And, on behalf of all mothers everywhere, relieved you weren’t blown off the bridge! Ride on…..

Comment by Deborah

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