We aren\’t triathletes you know…

Stef’s Training Journal


Training is coming along jsut fine, thankyouvery much.  I rode about thirty miles a couple weeks ago, on the hottest day in Seattle of 2006 so far, came home and had food poisoning/dehydration and spent the next two days vomiting/in the bath/ sleeping/ moaning.  But the bike ride was totally worth it.

So after that I took things slow, but today I did a thirty miler again and I feel great.  Thank god for the Burke Gilman Trail.  It's this green belt that goes from the U-District in Seattle north way out of the city to the top of the lake and beyond!  It is the greatest thing to ride your bike super fast without having to cut off and flip off the car drivers.

I am starting to ride more often with the saddle bags, er whatever that fancy french name for them is, and THAT is a whole different beast.  You can really feel those things pulling from behind!  But anyhoo, I jsut got a bell for my birthday from my loving sister, so I think I am officially ready to hit the road.


These girls need to get themselves some REAL hills to ride up. Here in Seattle we have no lack of ascents. Me and the new bike are getting along great except for a few minor shifting problems, which good ol’ Dawn is taking care of for me. Meanwhile, I am still riding up Pike with or without a smooth gear shift, and learning to crouch just right on the downhills.

I did my first long ride in a while: 26 miles round trip to Lincoln Park from my house. Rides like that only take two hours. The wind was the only problem- Spring afternoons in Seattle aren’t the best times to be huffing and puffing north along the waterfront.

Perhaps the most important part of our “training” is remembering to wake up early….



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Training not comin along so hot, huh vegs?

Comment by Lindsey

keep on peddlin’

Comment by momma skiljan

I was gonna get you a bell for your birthday! …but i didn’t. But i thought about it, and it’s the thought that counts anyway, right?


Comment by Lindsey

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