We aren\’t triathletes you know…

Linsey’s Training Journal


–HOT SHADES courtesy of OAKLEY

After a three week hiatus because of illness, in which I diagnosed myself with everything from asthma to the avian flu, I finally felt okay to get back in the saddle (in this case that refers to a bike seat, [in my case, that refers to a ‘tricky dick’, it’s sweet]).

Since all the people who care about me so so much won’t support me unless I wear a helmet, I finally sucked it up and got one. I have a problem with those things though, cuz they really leave the hippocampus out in the open there don’t they?

While I was at REI, I picked up some really bright clothes AND SPECIAL UNDIES! I’m really excited to wear ’em, but i’m savin it for the trip. I couldn’t find an exciting enough pair of spandex so i’ll be hitting up TJ Max later on.

I rode from my parents house in Encinitas to my house in Mission Beach. I went up Torrey Pines for the first time ever and found a few new gears I didn’t know my bike had. I think the only reason I made it was because of my helmet’s sleak design. Look how fast that thing is! And oh how it glistens in the sun!

Check my ‘before’ legs out: (that’s what those things are under these words)

WOOWOO! Those guys leave a lot of room to obtain the Most Improved Player title. Okay I’m gonna stop playing on the computer and go get me some sun.

**Don’t forget to check back in after the trip to see our ‘after’ shots!!


 Still sick, getting worried.  

I be sick.


I rode up Mt. Soledad on Saturday and it wasn’t that bad. In fact, downhill was the worst part because I got all shaky.

I only stopped once to drink water and pour the sunscreen out of my eyes.

I’m getting better at this whole thing, I might only be about a St. Bernard behind Stef now!

view FROM top of mt. soledad


I don’t signal when i ride. Is that bad? If I did I think I would fall over, so I think I’ve chosen the lesser of two evils.

I rode from my house in Mission Beach to my parents house in Encinitas yesterday. It was fun, I only had trouble draggin myself up La Jolla Shores. It took about two hours. Then I went home and watched Dr. 90210 on Bravo and felt happy that i’m spending my summer riding my bike rather than getting gastric bypass surgery.


Hmmm, this whole training thing is coming along slower than a Dean Koontz novel. (what?) I really haven’t had much time yet to get the wheels in motion/get into gear/get back in the saddle, but we still have a few weeks…right?
Let me give a little bit of my athletic history. Well really I have none, I used to ride a mongoose around but mostly ended up walking up the hills, and most of my muscle mass comes from my incredible dancing (lots of high kicks) and yoga.
Stef used to make me ride around Encinitas but I was always a few olympic-sized swimming pools behind.
So on Monday I took my new bike out for its first lengthy spin (with me). I rode around La Jolla to run some errands (got a new power charger for my mac…for FREE!) Then I rode home to my house in Mission Beach. umm, i’m not gonna lie, most of the ride is downhill, but the few uphills there were made me wonder what the heck I thought I was saying yes to when Stef came up with this genius idea.

So yea, I realized that i’m not very good at riding bikes. oops! Not only that, but my bike has a gimpy left shifter, my pedals have those little pockets for my stupid feet, and riding with the cars puts me on edge. I know I have a biking license, but, come on you guyz, its not real…so i don’t know much about the rulezzzz when riding around with the cars. I shouldn’t be trusted out there.

So now I’m sick and I’m going out of town this weekend, so I am officially beginning to train starting Sunday.




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Where are the thigh pics?

Comment by Lindsey

jealous???? je,je,je!!!!

you need to practice more!!!!

Comment by jean marc


Comment by Dad

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