We aren\’t triathletes you know…

Lindsey’s Training Journal


122 on the bosu.

10 single left leg, 12 single right leg. Singles are extremely hard. Regular is a mind battle.


Bike trip starts in a month. I gotta crack down… I might start working out twice a day. My muscles aren't big enough. I think I'm becoming too anal.
I have to break 100 on the Bosu ball this week. That is the only thing I want for my birthday, a bosu ball. Maybe a fish tank too.

Yesterday was my first day on the bike. I rode to the gym, worked out and then rode to work.
Today I rode 10 miles down the coast…
Both were a little tough, but it’s only been two days. My crotch and hands hurt.

Biking around town is scarier than I thought… You have to worry about all sorts of things… bad drivers, drivers taking right hand turns, timing all of the stop signs and lights and turns so you don't have to stop or run into anyone or take your foot out of the pedal. AND you have to watch out for the slightest crack, pothole, stick, rock, etc. I almost flew over my handlebars yesterday because I hit a pothole.

Downhill biking is not as enjoyable as it sounds. I am in constant fear that if I let go of the brakes to push my glasses on my face or take a sip of my water, it is then I will hit a pot hole, the back tire will whip around and sandwich me between the asphalt as I skid 10 feet across gravel only to tear up my whole right leg. One little slip up and I'm out of the trip.

Other than that, its fun.


I beat my record on the bosu ball. I went from 51 to…… 84! I was happy and dizzy.

Today I got a, "Hey girl! You look good! Have you been working out?" and a high five to follow!

(Baby Sophia and I in Hawaii in March 06)

No Cinco de Mayo cervezas for this girl… I have yet to get on my new bike… she still needs a bit of a fix up and a tire. Now now, don't you reprimand me just yet! I am training hard in the gym and at UCSD. Six days a week! My muscles are soooore and it hurts to sit down to pee. I broke my record on the Bosu ball today! 51! HARD WORK!

For those who don't know, this is a bosu ball. I jump rope on this thing for a warm up. Two weeks ago, I couldn't do 5, now I fiend the bosu ball! I don't know why this girl is relaxing with a smile… maybe she's sedated.

I just bought panniers and a new seat! Ooh! I also got a pair of those fancy shmancy padded bike shorts… I feel so graceful in spandex, but the giant maxi pad of a cushion takes me back to the early I'm-scared-of-tampons-days. It's kewl to wear diapers. My new seat has a hole to pee through anyway.

I should take my BEFORE thigh pictures soon before I get too yolked.

And now, for what you've all been waiting for….



I bought my bike and I think my new name should be Lindsey-shakes-on-her-bike-Chronert. That makes me laugh. All I know is Imma look GOOD shaking on my bike.



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hey! those limbs look great to me. . . is that an action shot, are you jumping in that bathtub?

Comment by Duck

who asked if you were working out? your mom!? ha! gotcha!

Comment by Lindsey

youve got the long-distance biking blood in you from Gpa and UHank. You GO girl!

Comment by Jan Chronret

hey lindsey, its reed i like the thing uh uh its uh good. i like the uh part when you train and get sore. Good luk with your training, and the bike trip.

Comment by reed

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