We aren\’t triathletes you know…

Hot Spots

Day 1, June 22nd

We'll probably just bike to the park and back.

Our itinerary has changed quite a bit, as well as the dates for the trip. For safety reasons, please email one of us for a detailed game plan!


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Lindsey’s cousin Jack lives in Bremerton. I’m sure he’d love to have you guys can stay there with him.

Comment by Heather

Hmm… i know peeps in SLO, but i dunno if they’ll be there during that time… we’ll see, i guess. :/ Sam wants to come…

Comment by Anthony

I’m really looking forward to disappointment

Comment by Lindsey

I didn’t know I had cousins….. Mom? whatchutalkinbout?

Comment by Lindsey

Fricken YAY! i’m excited.

I have a friend in SB, I have peeps in Ventura, which is between SB and LA. They want to feed us. I think big bro will put us up cuz he’s blood. He lives in West Hollywood. We can cruise in and just call him on my cellie.

Comment by Lindsey

on day 23rd be carefull. you dont need to take the bart, however just south of Pacifica theres a strip of road called Devils Slide. dont make the same mistake i did and attemp the climb at rush hour.

Comment by mitch

the weather in the central coast that time of year is cold and foggy, VERY FOGGY.

Comment by mitch

Jack Corser, Grandpa’s sister’s son, the ex fighter pilot lives in Bremerton. He was at Gramp’s birthday party.

Comment by Heather

Who is Mitch?

Comment by Lindsey

RE: day 29…big bro Sandrew lives in LA with ME 🙂
YES a pick up from the coast can be arranged…as long as you are all wearing biker spandex. Deal?

Comment by Susie

Attention stalkers! This itinerary is tentative, and actually, quite inaccurate. haha! Suckaz!

Happy Dad?


Comment by Lindsey

Haha… oh goodness this is gonna be a hard trip.

Comment by Lindsey

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