We aren\’t triathletes you know…

G.I.T. (Gurlzzz In Training)

When I tell people about my summer plans ’06, they usually look me up and down with a skeptical look on their lazy elevator eyes and say, “uh, are you training?” As I try to look casual at the same time as flexing all my muscles I say, “well, I have a bike.” So yea, maybe we’re not in the best shape to get up and bike the tour de France tomorrow, but the journey starts now. Check in here for our individual training journals.


Hmmm, this whole training thing is coming along slower than a Dean Koontz novel. (what?) I really haven’t had much time yet to get the wheels in motion/get into gear/get back in the saddle, but we still have a few weeks…right?
Let me give a little bit of my athletic history. Well really I have none, I used to ride a mongoose around but mostly ended up walking up the hills, and most of my muscle mass comes from my incredible dancing (lots of high kicks) and yoga.
Stef used to make me ride around Encinitas but I was always a few olympic-sized swimming pools behind.
So on Monday I took my new bike out for its first lengthy spin (with me). I rode around La Jolla to run some errands (got a new power charger for my mac…for FREE!) Then I rode home to my house in Mission Beach. umm, i’m not gonna lie, most of the ride is downhill, but the few uphills there were made me wonder what the heck I thought I was saying yes to when Stef came up with this genius idea.

So yea, I realized that i’m not very good at riding bikes. oops! Not only that, but my bike has a gimpy left shifter, my pedals have those little pockets for my stupid feet, and riding with the cars puts me on edge. I know I have a biking license, but, come on you guyz, its not real…so i don’t know much about the rulezzzz when riding around with the cars. I shouldn’t be trusted out there.

So now I’m sick and I’m going out of town this weekend, so I am officially beginning to train starting Sunday.




I got my bike and I think my new name should be Lindsey-shakes-on-her-bike-Chronert. That makes me laugh. Why does everyone think this bike trip is gonna be so hard? All I know is Imma look GOOD shaking on my bike.



These girls need to get themselves some REAL hills to ride up. Here in Seattle we have no lack of ascents. Me and the new bike are getting along great except for a few minor shifting problems, which good ol’ Dawn is taking care of for me. Meanwhile, I am still riding up Pike with or without a smooth gear shift, and learning to crouch just right on the downhills.

I did my first long ride in a while: 26 miles round trip to Lincoln Park from my house. Rides like that only take two hours. The wind was the only problem- Spring afternoons in Seattle aren’t the best times to be huffing and puffing north along the waterfront.

Perhaps the most important part of our “training” is remembering to wake up early….



I must confess…I don’t signal when I ride. And if I did, I think I’d fall over.


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