We aren\’t triathletes you know…


The basics:

All of us grew up in Encinitas, CA (north county San Diego) and went to the same high school. Stef and Christel have known each other since kindergarten (Stef claims she hated the kindergarten Christel) and have been close friends throughout school. They both attended UC Berkley together in 2002.
Lindsey and Stef played soccer together at a very young age… Stef had a bowl hair cut then… Lindsey would not be friends with the Bowl-Cut until 6th grade when they were both invited to their first coed birthday party! KEWL.
Christel and Stef always had boyfriends and bigger boobs than Lindsey… she was a bit jealous.
Christel, Lindsey and Stef attended elementary, junior high and high school together. It wasn’t until freshman year of high school we all met Linsey (no D).
Stef and Linsey had English together and made a clever Tom Sawyer themed Romeo and Juliet skit together. (Was mine Tom Sawyer or yours?)
Linsey and Lindsey had ceramics, math and health together throughout the year (right?). Linsey and Lindsey became very close, doing crazy things such as carrying 30ft planks of wood around town for kicks. Their friendship blossomed when a 5-year-old child gave them the finger at Play Co. and they were forever removed from that store. Linsey is a bit crazy and I think she influenced the funk we all possess today.

Our extracurricular activities are what really tied the knot for us. Lindsey, Christel, Stef and Linsey played field hockey…. everyday, three hours a day. Pardon my language, but they were effing CRAZY. Their team cheers would be as lovely as “SCRAPE THE FLESH,” in which they would mimic scraping the opponent’s calf with our cleats. This was all in good fun. Of course they were all clean players… maybe not all of them. Linsey was the nicest, Christel the most frazzled. I love those emotions! They played all four years on varsity and ran the team. Stef and Christel were captains, and Linsey and Lindsey were not to be trusted because they goofed off too often. Despite their lack of seriousness (one of Linsey’s best qualities), they adopted the characteristics of leaders and unified the team with humor.

Lindsey Chronert- She is a nanny for 5 kids and absolutely loves them. She lived in the woods in Santa Cruz for two years, but currently resides in ENC with her little baby kitty, Pous Pous (she is not a kitty, nor is she little… quite the opposite of little). She enjoys many things including painting, yoga, swimming in the ocean, and eating a well-deserved burrito in a sequin tailcoat. She likes the smell of books, laundry, and Simple Green. She does not like mornings! Her favorite snack is Ritz crackers and cheddar cheese. She likes to buy things. She can pee standing up (if need be) and is an excellent squatter (we are all excellent squatters… what kind of girl can’t pee in the bushes?). Her favorite CD is Stevie Wonder the Definitive Collection, and her favorite movie would have to be Best in Show. She can do a somersault (ehem Stef). Her favorite chapstick is Blistex- Complete Moisture. Her major is kinesiology and her lifelong dream is to be happy and own a farm of cats… maybe some dogs. No chickens. El fin.


Stefanie Skiljan- She’s a vegan. Most of the time, she is addressed as “Vegan” or “Veegie.” “Jenkins” and “Reagan” are some common nicknames for this curly top as well. She just graduated from UCSC (congrats lil buster!) with a degree in Tofutti Cuties, also known to the common man as Community Studies. She lives and loves in Seattle, WA.   There she works with a Latino Day Laborer Center called CASA Latina, where she hands out cups, facilitates employer-worker communication, and generally hangs out with some pretty great dudes.  Soon she will be helping with the English-as-a-Second-Language classes that the Center has throughout the mornings.  Right now Stef also works at Specialty’s Cafe, a lame-o corporate sandwich shop where she often almost slices off her own appendages and consistently makes excellent salads.  She likes large vegan breakfasts in the mornings and large pints of beer in the nights.  She really likes the meadow at dusk.  She doesn’t like capitalism in the mornings or token democracy in the nights.  In between times you can find her on a bicycle or meandering around the city looking pretty much content with the universal scheme of things.

(Stef aka Vegan)

Christel Haakmeester- Oh goodness! Constantly getting her fingers jammed was part of a defensive position. She was known to have quite the temper during a field hockey game… throwing her stick, jumping on the gate and yelling obscenities. I am happy to say Christel has left this girl in Catalina. After deciding UCBerkley wasn’t for her, she moved to Catalina Island, lived on a boat and became a dive master. She currently lives in downtown San Diego with her sister. She is very active and will be an EMT by the time we start biking from Seattle.

(Christallion in La Jolla, CA- 2006)

Lindsey and Linset

Lindsey and Linsey in Seattle.

Lindsey and her 3rd child

Lindsey and her 3rd child, Luigi.

(Cool Stef in Mexico July 2004)

Lindsey, Linsey, Stef- Mexico July 04

Lindsey, our friend Amanda, Linsey, Stef- Mexico July 04

Our friends KBF and Tague with Vegan in the middle.


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Tinkerbell is crazy! “mom come get me I’m exhausted”

Comment by Big Joe

Vegan and I did Romeo and Juliet cowboy style, you must have done Tom Sawyer. I still have the tape and tried to watch it last month but it was too painful. We both had those “clear” braces that were huge and made out of plastic and turned yellow after a month from too much pizza sauce. I couldn’t even close my fat lips over them.

Member when Lindsey C. aah! I remember the first 2 years I knew Lindsey she smiled with her mouth closed cuz she had real braces (usually with light blue bands)


Comment by Lindsey

I just laughed really hard at your comment. I remember Vegan loved those apple caramel lollipops and they would turn her braces neon green. Ohhh clear braces are camokewl!

Comment by Lindsey

cool !!!!! hey, you are very crazy girls!!!
linsey tu eres la mejor!!! que siguen asi, mucha suerte por vuestro viaje!!!!!

the french lover!!! 🙂

Comment by jean marc

He thinks he can call you the best in spanish? Like we won’t understand? That it! I thought we were all equal here. I’m giving up this stupid trip and giving my bike to pous pous to look at.

Comment by Lindsey

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