We aren\’t triathletes you know…

July 20, 2006, 5:20 am
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Just to let you guys know…. we have gone more than one thooooousand miles and we are getting home on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Yes, we expect you to be at the Encinitas sign with posters, candy and presents.  It is then we will CELEBRATE and show off our muscles.  See ya in a few days!


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I love the website,it would be a pleasure to see the girls on my way south!Ed.

Comment by ed bohanan

yo yo yo yo yo. Ladies. How goes it? almost done? Then, are you gonna turn around and go back? Up hill… Anyway, Lins, guess what? I tried to get you Manu Chao ticket shortly after we parted ways in SF and guess what? ALL SOLD OUT! I have been trying to get you one on ebay and stuff and it aint workin out. you should come anyway and we could scalp one. i dorrrrnt know…. peace y’all.

Comment by Jill

Dang, ladies! Congrats on trekking so far. We’ve never met, but I’d like to shake the hands of the wonderful women who embarked on such a bike adventure–way to go! Lindsey, haven’t really seen you since we left BCN (or perhaps drunkenly at some party in Santa Cruz?), but I hope all is well and that your knees don’t hurt one bit. Take care, and good luck!

Comment by Denise

Congrats on your ONE thousand! Post lotsa post-party pix on your site! Love you ABAAP! A.J.
Loved reading your dailies, the pix were awesome.

Comment by Auntie Jan

ahhh!!! i hate that i cannot be there when you get back!!!! i’ve checked your website as often as i can-i don’t have stinky internet at my house yet…anyways, YAY FOR YOU!!!! WOO HOO!!! i love you and we will partay when i come to sd…luv ya

Comment by cockpit

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