We aren\’t triathletes you know…

I (heart) spandex
July 8, 2006, 9:22 pm
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Yes, its true. We’re all converts. I used to talk mad smack about those bikers in tight shorts but really, there’s nothing like it.

Confessions aside, this is where we are on the trip: vacation. We may be riding from Seattle to San Diego, but we are vacationing on the Southern Oregon coast.

After a fun ride around the town of North Bend on Thursday, we finally found the hostel, which turned out to be closed. We lamented about this for a while, hung out at the precious coffee shop, and then got our asses to Sunset Bay.

Which turned out to be the beach we’d been waiting for… we coasted into the bay on a slight downhill, following a perfectly smooth, newly paved road and passed a gorgeous, sunny beach before retiring to the hiker-biker campsite where we found our two friends, David and Mark! They are from Utah, and they are riding from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. David is the Dad, and Mark is just 13! See, this trip isn’t so impossible! (JUSTIN….)

Anyhoo, so we took another day off at Sunset Bay because it was too perfect to leave. Plus, we are killing time until Monday when we need to be in Brookings to get our Clif resupply. The bay was actually kinda warm and the cliffs were rocky and falling apart like ancient ruins, with long curving lines of geological history running across them. In short, it was purty.

The ride today took us up Seven Devils, of which there were actually only six. A steep climb took us to a mountain ridge where we rolled up and down on what must have been the top of Oregon. It smelled all of christmas trees and sunshine.

Now we’re at a short stop in the tiny tourist town of Bandon. Unfortunately, the cheese factory here got bought out by Tillamook and then closed down (but you can still get Bandon cheese they told us… it’s made in Wisconsin. oh, capitalism, you make so much sense!) But we did still get some yummy samples of fudge at ye olde candy shop.

California border in two more days!!!


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Your pics of the Oregon coast are wonderful. Stef, I can tell that last post is yours . . . with your anti-capitalist slant (ha ha).
Looks like Justin will be eating his words!

Comment by Pop Skiljan

Hi Linds,

Great job, wish I was there with you in Bandon, they have three of the most beautiful golf courses in the world at Bandon Dunes. Take care and be safe.

Love ya,

Uncle Dany

Comment by Uncle Dany

Hey girls
You’re awesome. YES!
I have a picture of Jared standing with his bike in front of the Astoria Bridge from his bike trip to Olympia.
Keep on having lotsa crazy fun

Comment by melinda

Hi Linds– I’m so excited for you- what an adventure. Your momma sent me the link and I will check in and watch you roll into southern cali– I was her assistant at the polo club with the brown curly hair. Glad to see you are making such meaningful use of your time. What a way to see the coast!— Katy

Comment by Katy Canfield

When you girls come through Newport you are welcome to stay at my house. I live at the North end of Newport a couple of houses in from PCH. Give me a call if you are interested.

Comment by DC

Hey skanks…i miss you guys tons and tons. i am happy you’re still alive can’t wait to see celebrate your arrival.

Comment by vanessa

skanks in spandex yowww baaaaby!

Comment by ed bohanan

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