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July 1, 2006, 10:52 pm
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We made it to Astoria, Oregon! One state down, two to go!  We smell like onions, look like we walked from Canada, and feel great!! Except for sore VGs.

We left Seattle on Thursday, biked to the ferry station, and took the ferry to Bremerton.  From Bremerton we biked to Potlatch State Park where we were eaten alive by bugs.  We had time to nap by Hood Canal and stretch in the sun.  We had a little cous cous curry (mush) for dinner.  The three of us were piled in the 2 person tent like little sardines.  It gets dark so late up here and we were soooo tired our eyeballs wanted to rest! But Linsey couldn’t stop moving, so we didn’t have the best nights sleep.

The next morning we chomped down some Clif Bars and set out for Montesano.  The book we have is great because it breaks the ride down and tells you exactly how many hills there are and where the hills are located.  It was a wonderful surprise to see that we finished three hills, when we thought we had only done two.  We stopped in Montesano for some Mexican food. Holy moley! We eat so much these days!  We napped outside of a courthouse and decided to bike another 30 miles to Raymond.  We thought we took a short cut, but mannnnn we we wrong.  SOOO many hills. Linsey and I were cracked out on the side of the road talking about how we needed to eat 3-6 Shot Blocks (Clif’s energy chews) every hour in order to keep up the pace.  Little Vegan is the powerhorse and often stops to read or climb a tree stump while Linsey and I lag.  She fell off the tree stump.

We got to Raymond and camped at an RV campsite where we all showered.  I watched the dirty water pool up at my feet= awesome. We are so stinky and dirty. I love it.

Now that Raymond is over with, I’ll tell you all about the creepy Old Man Clemens.  I was on the phone with my mom facing the water, and I guess Old Man C was sitting behind me on our picnic table just hanging out.  Linsey was walking back from the showers and asked him, “You watching my friend?” and OMC holds his finger up to his mouth and says, “Shhhhhh!”  Then he starts talking at us about the trip and how he wished he wasn’t doing something like that. Well, his wish came true, he isn’t.  We got a good laugh out of Old Man C, but I slept with a knife next to my sleeping bag just in case he wanted to steal our Clif Bars.

Today we rode from Raymond to Astoria, OR.  We met our first fellow biker at a junction and he told us of a shortcut. So we took that and instead of staying in Washington for the night, we decided to ride the other route and make it to Oregon.  The bridge from WA to OR is a mile long and CRAZY!!  Small shoulder, hardly a bike lane, scary as crap! The last leg of the bridge is a little piece of candy corn on the map, and we had to bike up it with no stopping.  It was by far the steepest hill we’ve experienced yet. And we’re alive! We didn’t get hit by a big RV, and if one of us did get hit on this trip, it would have been there. So stop worrying.

We are having fun and eating tons of Clif Bars. We aren’t desirable by any crazy rapists because we smell so bad, and look worse. No gentlemen callers yet….just idiots that like to honk and wave as they scare the crap out of us.

We love all of you! Thank you for your support!! Pictures will be up next internet stop. This computer is jacked. PEACE OUT!

PS. We are two days ahead of schedule and we’ve biked about 190 miles in 3 days. Yeah, I know…we are awesome.


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You ARE awesome, you all let your grrrl power flow! I won’t stop worrying, though, until I can see (and smell)you for myself.

Comment by momma skiljan

Nice going ladies! The way you’re progessing, there will be a few lost bets amongst the fams.
We look forward to your postings, but please, spare us the OMC stories. No reason, now, to scare the parents.
And, Stef, avoid tree stumps.

Comment by Pop Skiljan

Don’t mess with the Girlz; 190 miles in three days!!C’est fantastique!! Who’s got the yellow jersey? Keep rolling and powering the Clif’s.

Comment by D en France

You crazy gaurllz are awesome. We are so proud of all of you. Duck is mailing you your next batch of clif bars, etc. Need any deodorant? Maybe it’s a good thing you’re all stinky. Better to keep away the mosquitos and “omc” types. We’re following you on the map every step of the way. Dad still can’t believe it that you’ve gotten so far so fast. WAY TO GO!!!!!
Love you. Mom

Comment by Lindsey

Damn, approx. 350 miles in 5 days! Only 150 to CA. At that speed you’ll be home by next monday! 🙂
So Proud! Also mapping your progress. We can’t believe it. Go Girlz…
love, Mom.

Comment by Momma Sandrew

Your energy food is on the way; mailed yesterday. Yahoo you three!You go far fast!
Love, Duck xxxx

Comment by Duck

Where shall I send the next batch of clif bars? By the rate you’re going, you’ll be in San Francisco next week! I’ll check on the closures at Devil’s Slide and Gordo. Love you, Mom

Comment by Heather

See you soon, eh?
Get ready for Thai food and the hot tub at Carmel Valley! Devil’s Slide is outa commission and Gorda was closed indefinitely due to a slide, but mamacita and I will check it out.

Comment by Duck

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