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Are We There Yet?
June 29, 2006, 5:45 am
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…And when I say “there,” I mean on the road. It feels like we’ve been talkin’ bout this thing forever, and now it’s finally happening and we can all just stop freaking out about it…mom and dad.

Lindsey and I left from San Diego on Monday and got to Stef’s house in Seattle this morning (Wednesday?). We had a crazy day, running on small amounts of sleep and large amounts of excitement. We learned how to change tires, made a few trips to REI for last minute buys and exchanges (check out their trusting return policy, by the way), ate ethiopian food, packed our 30 pound loads (a piece), went to the lake, and rode about 7-10 miles around Seattle, and all before sundown…of course the sun sets way past my bedtime in this state. But I must say today went well.

Tomorrow we leave at 6:00am, and the journey really begins. Make sure you all check in for stories and picture along the way. Thanks again to everyone who has been helping us out, and…uh…we’re still accepting (coughing noises) donations.


This is called a wheel

Nice shot o’ Linds, gettin to ride.

Nice load, (helmet too small?)


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I hope you have the safest time of your sweet lives! Keep in touch, keep sendin’ pix, and love you all!

Comment by momma skiljan

I’m delighted that you are doing this. I know how much fun it is and love reading about your journey. We can compare notes when you arrive SAFELY in SD. May you have strong tail winds!

Comment by Ellen Speert

Adventures of a lifetime, only beginning… lindz, linds, stef… love your journal, pics (keep tunin those bikes) and antics. I live thru the footloose fun, especially for a cause. Always smiling~ Lindz herself

Comment by lindz ahlgren

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