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August 16, 2006, 2:41 am
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Thank you all for donating your time to checking out our site! We loved reading the comments after a post and hearing about the support team back home. Some of you had your doubts… in fact, EVERYONE I knew said I couldn’t do it. For that, I should make you donate some cash moola, but instead, you can take me out to dinner.

Today, Linsey and I took all the money you sent on Paypal and went to the WRC to write them a check for $600! Some people wrote checks directly to the WRC and we haven’t tallied up the flow yet, but we hope that it will be a generous amount. Originally we were going to take 10% of the total income to off set the cost of the trip, but we decided to give it all to the WRC. We also said we were going to donate an hour for each $100 we earned. We have set up volunteer work at the shelter already!
We live in a place where the money and opportunity flow. You have to give a little to get a little. By donating to the WRC, you are supporting your own community and you are enriching the lives around you. Now is your chance!!

We will be volunteering at the WRC regularly, and we hope that you don’t forget about them! If you are thinking of donating your time, please contact one of us or the WRC directly.

In two weeks we will be closing the Paypal account, but we know a lot of our readers haven’t donated the money they said they would. We wanted to give a heads up and tell you this is your last call. The account will be closed on September 1st.

Come on guys… what’s ten bucks? We rode our bikes from SEATTLE TO SAN DIEGO? What’d you do?
I looove you!



Home Sweet Home and Culture Shock in So Cal
July 26, 2006, 5:19 pm
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Well, we made it!

The trip ended with: 8 flat tires, 7 new friends from the road, 6 bug bites on each leg, 5 mountains over 800 ft., 4 girls, 3 news appearances, 2 Clif Builder Bars left, 1 raccoon knocking at our tent, and 0 bee stings.

The last leg of the trip, while lacking in hills, made up for its flatness by challenging us with traffic jams, roads in need of maintenance, busy city streets, and that Southern California anti-hitch-hiker attitude.

We picked up an old pal in San Luis Obispo, where our Southern California culture shock started. All of a sudden I felt like it wasn’t okay that I hadn’t shaved my legs in nearly 3 weeks. I found my stench offensive, Lindsey no longer felt she could dump her sandy shoes out in the french fry basket, and friendly sides of the road to pee on where a rarity. We found ourselves having to look for establishments like Starbucks to relieve ourselves in, because going through so many congested towns down here, it’s not really appropriate to just squat in a flower bed on the sidewalk.

Having Ms. Danielle Perrecone around was a treat. We got to laugh at and envy her kickstand. She made us feel like experts on all things bicycle, because we got to make fun of how she packed her bike and teach her all about switching gears and changing tires.

On her first night, we stayed in Pismo Beach. We started to feel like we were at home, as we rolled into a coastal town and ordered up some burritos. But when we got to our campsite, we started to get worried. As we headed over to the Ranger, we noticed that the other vehicles in line to get in were all young lads with lip piercings in giant trucks with orange flags stuck to the back.

The Ranger warned us that this was an ATV park and we said, “oh well that’s fine.” He pointed to the beach and told us to head a mile South on the beach, and to camp high enough to avoid the TIDES and the TRAFFIC. …WHAT? So we destroyed our bikes for a mile riding them on the sand to get to the campsite, and saw ATVs, RVs, and big trucks, riding up and down an imaginary highway ON THE BEACH! it was pretty wack.

We didn’t set up the tent because it was nice out, but we all woke up every half hour to make sure we weren’t going to get run over by an ATV on its way to a jump.

We got the heck outta there bright and early and headed on to Santa Barbara County. This was the biggest day Danielle would have with our crew. We went up two 950 peaks and one 650 peak, and we did it well. It was a hot day and we got to take a nice break when Lindsey got a flat tire. We descended into Gaviota, where we camped by a state beach and a raccoon.

We finally got stuff for s’mores. But before we roasted ’em up, we asked about the hot springs that were 2 miles away. The man who runs the camp store gave us a ride in his car filled with a cat dish with water still in it, a carborator, and other stuff that shouldn’t be in a car. We got to where the hot springs were supposed to be, and started hiking up to them. We encountered an ambiguous sign on the trail that headed us in the wrong direction. We went on a beautiful but very hot and steep hike (legs don’t have gears) and never found the hot springs.

It was nearly dark when we headed back, and decided that Southern Californians weren’t going to pick up hitch hikers, especially at night, so we strapped on our lights and started walking. On the freeway on ramp we encountered a squat little man with lots of bags.

“oh, perfect timing!” he said to us. “you guys gotta help me okay! Someone carry this bag for me.” He proceeded to tell us how great the hot springs (that we didn’t get to go in) had been, and that he bottled up the sulfur water and wanted us to help him carry it. I told him that Danielle was strong (part of her hazing) and we started walking with him, Danielle carrying the bottle of sulfur. He was crazy. We left him at the rest stop a mile down the way where he tried picking up a ride, looking crazy, at 9 pm with sulfur bottles all around him. The people he asked for rides were not very responsive.

Next we cruised into Ventura. I don’t remember much about the ride this day, but I think it was a typical 60 mile day that brought us into Ventura where we had a friend of my mom’s, Kim, put us up. She was the perfect hostess and we thought we were in heaven. Enchiladas, beer, jacuzzi, laundry, and a bunkbed with double mattresses were waiting for us. We were happy (non)campers for the night.

–>camp food<–

We said goodbye to Kim and her family and headed toward Manhattan Beach where Lindsey had people we could stay with. It was a windy day, but we found ourselves in the coastal Los Angeles area which we thought was pretty fun. We went through Malibu, looking for Matthew Machaunagay(sp?) napped near a nice beach, and descended onto the beach route, which was congested with beach cruisers so I got to make use of my BELL! “ding ding, comin’ through slow pokes.” Lindsey pointed out to some amatuer that his tire was flat, I pointed out to his amateur girlfriend that her kickstand was down,

and Stef pointed out to us that we passed by the site of the Saved by the Bell beach episodes, so we had to stop for pics.

We stopped in Venice where people were quite impressed by us. Especially these men from Africa, who told us how proud they were of us and gave us free tiny little animal carvings, and wrote blessings on our arms.

Venice took us in, and we decided to stop for margaritas since we were only about 5 miles from our destination in Manhattan Beach. Well, those margaritas went to the dome, and before our first pitcher was finished, we were shouting out requests for the new Paris Hilton song and receiving free beers from all directions and ordering all kinds of pizza. It was fun. The people watching, best in the world. We couldn’t leave. We stayed. Nope, didn’t make it to Manhattan Beach. Nope. Ask us in person for the stories.


Almost home!

After getting crazy in Venice, we really couldn’t ride a big day. So we did a 40-50 mile day to Newport. We didn’t get out untill 12:30, and the ride was really easy, mostly on the beach. We were coming into familiar territory and in really good spirits. We went through Redondo, but then we had to leave the coast and go through LA and Long Beach. It was grotie. Lots of traffic, lots of trash, lots of potholes. We made it through without any flats and our friend Chris and his cat snowball put us up. We got in late and took a dip in the freezing cold water.

LAST DAY! We zipped through this day because we knew our parents were waiting at the finish line with confetti, trophies, presents, a new car, etc. Newport, Dana Point, San Clemente, San Onofre, Camp Pendleton, we worked them all.

We started getting emotional in San Onofre, where we saw the San Diego County Line. I’m not gonna lie, I was gettin teary. I rang my bell and we told everyone we passedd that we came from Seattle. Four little gromits told us we were liars. We’re not.

Going through Camp Pendleton was educational. We got to see what really goes on down there, and had to wait at one point for a tank to cross. Camp Pendleton spit us out in Oceanside and we whizzed on home. When we got to Leucadia (1 mile from the finish line), we dirtied ourselves up and put grass in our helmets so our parents would see how hard core we are. Getting back on our bikes, Newcomer Danielle noticed her tire was flat. We spent about 20 mintues dealing with that, and called the finish line to tell them to hold their horses. After we fixed that, we got back on the road, and Stef said, “guys, ride fast, cuz now I have a flat.” We pumped her up the hill before the finish line, and the four of us rode side by side, gloriously up the finish line.

Hi family! Confetti and margaritas! No trophy, no presents. That’s okay, we only rode our bikes from Seattle to San Diego. It’s not like we started in Canada or something.

Oh goodness. So we’re home, give us a call!

It was fun. Thanks to everyone for their comments and support. It really helped! See ya’ next time when we rollerblade to Las Vegas.

July 20, 2006, 5:20 am
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Just to let you guys know…. we have gone more than one thooooousand miles and we are getting home on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  Yes, we expect you to be at the Encinitas sign with posters, candy and presents.  It is then we will CELEBRATE and show off our muscles.  See ya in a few days!

Picture Update
July 16, 2006, 8:03 pm
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FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR CONSTANTLY CHECKING OUR PROGRESS AND LEAVING US COMMENTS!! We aren’t always aware of who or how many people check our website until we get comments or hear something through the grapevine. It’s a great surprise to see how many people are following our trip!!! I get so excited when more and more people leave us a few words. Thanks again, it means more than you know.

We rode 63 miles along the coast from MacKerricher to Gualala (also called Guadalajala, Guadalupe, Geronimo, Sacagawea for short) on the 13th. We started our morning in Fort Brag with a tasty breakfast at the extremely organic Cafe 1 with our new favorite Mormons Mark and David. We hit up the library, bike shop, and of course the bulk/ sample aisle at Safeway before we said our goodbyes and took off pedaling far far ahead of Mark and David.

Linsey saw a Brach’s truck ridin down the 1 and wanted to chase it down through a switchback and ask if they could sponsor us. We just can’t get enough of those tasty little candy samples.

For lunch, we had bean and cheese burritos with hot sauce (hummus, musstard, and tortillas with hot sauce), a nap, and a nice little visit from Pous Pous Max. He just came cruisin’ up, stuck his finger in our guidebook, and wouldn’t take it out until he told us about everything he “knew” from here to Santa Barbara. He asked and answered all of his own travel questions and took some pictures of us on the side of the road.

When we got to the dark campsite in Gualalalala we were greeted with a witch in the hiker biker area! Every minute or so she would grunt loudly and tell her husband what to do. We were so cracked out we couldn’t stop laughing every time she made the noise. We would be chatting with one another and hear the noise and just start laughing mid sentence. We decided to move to an area a bit further from the witch and her summoning of the astrological demons.

Yesterday we camped at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, which was about 25 miles north of the big city of SAN FRANCISCO! The ranger hooked up a sweet little site for us right next to a babbling brook that put Stef to sleep. It was a nice night in the tent without Linsey’s whale/ garbage disposal noises. Raccoons opened up a small zippered bag I have on my handlebars just to get a Clif Builder Bar! We told you those things are tasty.
We all woke up singing about San Fran and decided to have breakfast in bed AGAIN! I know it, we’re spoiled little campers with daily breakfast in bed, but that’s what happens when you sleep with your food. We love it.

We stopped a couple miles into the ride at a market/deli/coffee shop in Lagunitas for a little espresso. When we rode up, Linsey and I both said, “Oh look! It’s a cat!” to this little Pomeranian dog… you know the fluffy small type. Linsey dared me to ask the owners what their cat’s name was or to walk by and say, “That’s a cute lil cat you got there!” I just laughed when I wrote that.

We biked through some swanky, precious little towns and shops with tons of bikers! The first few we saw we waved and smiled and said howdy… you know. As we got closer to the city, we got less of a response. Some pretended they didn’t hear us… which is really lame because we were sooooo excited to get to the Golden Gate! There were so many of them, that to say hey to every single one would mean to never close our mouths. The biker outfits became ridiculous by the time we got within 10 miles of the bridge. We crossed the bridge in heavy fog after seeing a couple amatuers fall, and didn’t get any good pictures

Once across the bridge, we just knew the general direction of the Embarcadero, so we hoped for the best. Soon enough two older guys come rolling up beside us and ask us some questions about our trip and tell us about the tours they’ve done. The guy Linsey and I were talking to was telling us all about Jerry, the other guy, and how great he is. Jerry has 40 people touring with him these days. Jerry is the man of this town. Jerry has taught me everything. On and on about Jerry!

They led us through a bunch of trails and streets to the Fisherman’s Wharf with TONS OF TOURISTS! “Hungry?” “Sure we are.” “Jerry will take care of you,” this guy says to us. We were a bit skeptical, but as soon as we got off our bikes, fried shrimp, fries and 3 cold beers are being handed to us. “Les will take care of you,” he said and points to a bald guy behind the counter. “We have to get Jerry to his 50th birthday party! We’re already late. Take care, enjoy, have fun, nice meeting you.” And off they go. And there we were. The three of us with cold beer and food in SAN FRAN with tons of people… livin’ it up!

After a short ride around the city, we met up with Linsey’s brother Jared and his GF Suzie, Stef’s friend Betty and Jill and Josh from Berkley at an Irish pub for a few brewskies. Thanks big bro! We had a messy dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. We all got Thai iced teas with tapioca balls in our drinks. We agreed it was like one of those games you get as a dentist office prize where you have to get all three rings in the bucket to win. Personally, I love those little balls, even though they make my stomach hurt.

Today is our day off and we are at my aunt’s humble abode in the mountains. I have been looking forward to this moment for the past week, and when I tried to explain to the girls just how great it would be, they didn’t understand. When we were greeted at 11pm with ratatouille, chicken, lentils, lemon cake and a hot tub with stars as our only light, I think they began to understand. I had the best shower of my life last night. You don’t know the best shower until you have it. I’m so thankful this is the place we are staying… there couldn’t be a better place to relax.

This morning we had eggs, toast, cherries and tea. No Clif Bar breakfast in bed, but you can’t have it every morning. I’m looking forward to Whole Foods, a movie, laundry, Thai food, and SHAVING MY ARMPPITS today. Monday is a rough day… wish us the best.

Linsey stretching her legs.

Mark and David with matching ACDC jerseys!

Pretty hike at Sunset Beach

Ooh! Look how purty Oregon is!…oh yea, and Stef too

Yeya boi

Linsey Checkin it out…hungry for berries.

When we get to a PC and can shrink this picture, you’ll be able to see that we’re lookin’ at Llamas! Hoping they’ll spit us so we can clean the grease off our shorts.

We like/miss Oregon


Not even scared.

If you squint you can see Hawaii in the bacckground.

California/Oregon border. Picture quality not superb cuz Stef had to stand in the middle of the road to take this, and keep from getting hit by a car.

We put on our cleanest clothes for this big day! ALMOST HOME!!!!….not

Marking our territory at the California border, and a little ‘hello’ from Mark and David, who made it across before us…somehow. We’re the “Clif Bar Angels” because we introduced them to the products and give them a few treats whenever we run into them

OH my goodness! get that girl outta that Redwood tree! That girl is carazy!!

Stef waitin for the slowpokes

Avenue of the Giants. One of the favorite days. Big-A*& trees.

Hangin out in a tree, ya know, the usual.

We stopped here because we thought that the bottom of this tree looked like a butthole. It’s cool, huh!?

Ridin’ through a tree. Those of you who really follow our career may recognize this image from when we were on KTLA Los Angeles, 7:00am news.

Peanut Butter fiasco. I didn’t eat peanut butter for a whole day after this. Except to lick it off my face a few hours later.

Being resourceful with the PB all over the sleeping bag.

California Coast

Big Pous Pous (not Max, he wears short shorts and uses binoculars.)

Birds…they have nothing to do with us or bikes, but we saw them and they’re precious!

Sometimes we ride our bikes, too!


Our best picture we could scavenge of the Golden Gate. This is right before we drove through a cloud. Betcha didn’t know we could do that!

Aaaaah! refreshment! Arriving at Fisherman’s Wharf after being whilred around and left by our lovely guardian angels, Jerry and his sidekick, with shrimp, beer, and curly fries

1950 ft
July 13, 2006, 6:19 pm
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 Yesterday was a bit crazzzzy.  For days we feared a 1950-foot mountain that stood in our path… the highest elevation of our whole trip.  But today, I say, ehhh not too bad.  I could do it again… But I won’t.

Our day started in Benbow at a campground that was located right next to the freeway, yet the entrance was a mile and a half gravel driveway away from the road we wanted to be on.  Stef had a flat from the night before, and I (Lindsey) got one yesterday morning from that damn gravel path…. no way we were going back on that.  Instead of biking around to the real entrance of the campground, we threw our panniers, sleeping bags, bikes and backpacks over a fence and walked up to the highway.  I almost ate crap jumping over the fence.

We had a bunch of rolling hills, which are fun, but really take it out of you.  Then we had the mountain of doom to go over and more rolling hills on the coast, along with a no-big-deal-I-just-did-a-1950-footer hill with an elevation of 650 feet.

Before the mountain of doom, Linsey and I stopped at Standish-Hickey for a quick bathroom break… little did we know the quick little break set us back 1 hour.  A tub of peanut butter burst in Linsey’s pannier and PB was everywhere.  I’m not one to waste any food, so Linsey and I started eating it off her sleeping bag and bags.  After the PB was all cleaned up, we’d find it on the sides of our faces.After a shot of espresso and a chat with some other sewper kewl bikers, Linsey and I headed up 1950 feet.  Should I be saying one thousand nine hundred fifty feet just to emphasize how big this mother was?  We stopped twice in the blistering sun to rest our little legs.  We found Stef at the bottom with sardines on her breath and a sore stomach.  Vegans aren’t really supposed to have sardines for lunch.

We biked about 65 miles yesterday to Fort Brag, where we met up with our buddies Mark and David ONCE AGAIN!  We had a fabulous night at the campground with Mark, David, Ed the crazy cyclist, Yolo from Germany, pous pous shorts Max that we met in Yachats on the 4th of July, and 50 teenagers attending a Russian Christian camp.

Today we have rolling hills along the beautiful coast of CALI… we just ate at a little cafe in Fort Brag (very tasty omelets) and we are headed to the bike shop and then to Gualala for a little R&R. 

We hope to jam the next couple of days to make a short ride into San Fran on Saturday.  Then we will have a well-deserved day off in Carmel Valley with my aunt and her warm bath towels and tea.  I’m very excited for that.

Guess what else I’m excited for? DANIELLE PERRECONE is going to meet us in Monterey for the last leg of the trip!!  This will definitely spice up our trip and make it even more enjoyable.

Oh! I forgot to tell you!  WE WERE ON THE NEWS YESTERDAY MORNING!!!  We were biking through the Avenue of the Giants (a beautiful 30 mile highway through the redwoods), and a video camera and a news van began taping Linsey and I riding.  We gave shoutouts to our Mamas and Papas and told them we were riding to San Diego. They were doing a story about northern California and the trees, etc.  About a mile after they passed us, we turned to meet Stef at the drive-thru tree, and guess who was there? The news crew!  They shot us biking through the tree and asked us a little about it.  We’re famous now.

(Sorry pictures are taking so long… not all the computers have accessible USB cords.)

I (heart) spandex
July 8, 2006, 9:22 pm
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Yes, its true. We’re all converts. I used to talk mad smack about those bikers in tight shorts but really, there’s nothing like it.

Confessions aside, this is where we are on the trip: vacation. We may be riding from Seattle to San Diego, but we are vacationing on the Southern Oregon coast.

After a fun ride around the town of North Bend on Thursday, we finally found the hostel, which turned out to be closed. We lamented about this for a while, hung out at the precious coffee shop, and then got our asses to Sunset Bay.

Which turned out to be the beach we’d been waiting for… we coasted into the bay on a slight downhill, following a perfectly smooth, newly paved road and passed a gorgeous, sunny beach before retiring to the hiker-biker campsite where we found our two friends, David and Mark! They are from Utah, and they are riding from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. David is the Dad, and Mark is just 13! See, this trip isn’t so impossible! (JUSTIN….)

Anyhoo, so we took another day off at Sunset Bay because it was too perfect to leave. Plus, we are killing time until Monday when we need to be in Brookings to get our Clif resupply. The bay was actually kinda warm and the cliffs were rocky and falling apart like ancient ruins, with long curving lines of geological history running across them. In short, it was purty.

The ride today took us up Seven Devils, of which there were actually only six. A steep climb took us to a mountain ridge where we rolled up and down on what must have been the top of Oregon. It smelled all of christmas trees and sunshine.

Now we’re at a short stop in the tiny tourist town of Bandon. Unfortunately, the cheese factory here got bought out by Tillamook and then closed down (but you can still get Bandon cheese they told us… it’s made in Wisconsin. oh, capitalism, you make so much sense!) But we did still get some yummy samples of fudge at ye olde candy shop.

California border in two more days!!!

…And on the 7th day, they rested
July 5, 2006, 9:36 pm
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Yes, it’s true, we must savor kicking butt by slowing down every once and a while and letting our bodies rest.

Since the last time we spoke, we’ve gone up two 500 foot mountains, one 750 ft one, and one thousand-footer, we’ve spent an accumulated three hours and forty five mintues eating “samples” in grocery stores, and we’ve all bought knee braces.

We’ve met a lot more bikers in the last few days, and most have had something to say about the crazy Astoria Bridge we went over the day of our last post.

A couple such bikers were at our hiker-biker site at Fort Stevens, our first stop in Oregon. They were two young chaps who came from Seattle as well, although not quite as strapping as we are because they were taking one day off already and then heading back up.

They opened our eyes to a different world of bike-touring, where you eat Taco Bell instead of Clif bars, drink beer every night instead of water and advil, and pull a trailor full of clean underwear instead of washing the two pair you have in your backpack in the sink and hanging it out to dry.

Well we made a fire, and they came over and shared their wine, stories, and bike knowledge. They set up Lindsey and I’s bike computers, which calculate our distance per trip and distance per hour. They’re still set on kilometers, but we figure its nice to do the conversion math to keep our minds on something while climbing up 1000 ft. mountains. (the views are worth it by the way).

The gentlemen also kindly informed me that my bike had been a little messed up and I had my front right break permanently rubbing against my wheel (for you drivers out there, this might be the equivalent of driving with your e-brake on).

So that night we fell asleep to a family who got in at 10:30 with 5 crying babies and the mother yelling at the baby to “stop f*cking crying while she tries to find her tobacco!”

We awoke and headed on to Tillamook. We went up two 500 ft. hills with beautiful views on top, our first tunnel, and had lunch at Oswald state park.

We had some bad weather in the morning, but we were really excited about the cheese factory and peddled out 15 miles in the last hour so we could get there in time!

<img src=”

We all three got big ol’ ice cream cones first (Stef’s vegan), and as Stef licked her first ice cream cone in 7 years, she informed us that she wished to have pancakes for dinner, because we had seen 7 signs for the pancake house in Tillamook on the way. We piled on blocks of cheese on our sample toothpicks, and headed on to pamper ourselves at an INN! woo! Very nice to sleep indoors. We hung out in the 80 degree jacuzzi and sauna, did laundry, and lived the good life.

this is getting long.

On to Beverly Beach…hardest day yet. We had to climb over three big capes…one 1000 footer, one 750 footer, and the last, “cape foulweather” was about 450 feet. Before the final one we stopped for a huge, manly, greasy lunch, and as Lindsey sniffed her armpits and poured out her sandy shoes in her basket of leftover food, we realized manners were long gone. hard day, yada yada, we made it, we kick butt…on to the fourth of July…

Ha! it was supposed to be an easy day, but only in comparison to the day before, and we were all in a little knee pain in too excited for our break and day off. Stef had some bike problems, and we were anticipating a big hill and tunnel we had toward the end.

The lunch stop made our day. It was a quaint quaint little town called Yachats, and we arrived just in time for the 4th of July parade, which they called the “la de da” parade. We almost got run over twice by the fire trucks in the parade before deciding this was the town we had to stop in.

We checked out the parade which contained lots of old people walking dogs and locals dressed up like belly dancers. All of a sudden, a man started running up the street shouting, “let that fire truck through”. Well, the fire truck was in the parade, so people were uncertain as to whether there was an emergency or not,

“This is for real” “it’s not fake” said the people in the crowd.

And down came the fire truck, people in the back waving at the crowd, but the ambulance with sirens followed behind.

We got outta that scene pretty quick and headed on to the pie social, where we found out that someone in the parade had fallen due to a broken hip. Since the parade was over, the pie social started filling up, and pretty soon the whole town was in there. mmmmmmmmm. Stef topped hers off with some ice cream, she loves that stuff.

Okay okay, i’m gonna go soon…we got to our campsite but met a big group of 14-15 year old kids touring from Seattle to San Fransisco, all with big orange flags on their bikes.

We’re now staying at Jessie M Honeyman state park, where there’s plenty of sand dunes, trees, and beach for our day off.

We’ve been averaging a little over 60 miles a day but we have to take it slow in the next few days because we have a delivery of more Clif bars and shots in Brookings on Monday.

Okay? Thanks for Listening!

PS. Tommorrow’s my birthday